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Welcome to the Scottish Creel Fishermen's Federation
Welcome to the Scottish Creel Fishermen’s Federation (SCFF) website. SCFF is the national trade association for the creel fishing industry, a traditional and sustainable form of coastal fishing for shell fish that supports more jobs around the coastline of Scotland than any other type of fishery.

Creel Fishing
Creel fishing (also known as Potting) is referred to as a ‘passive’ or ‘static’ form of fishing as the baited creels are dropped from the boat to the seabed where they soak until they are next retrieved by the vessel. The main species targeted in Scotland are prawns, lobster and crabs. Different bait is used depending on what species is being targeted.

The creel is generally made of round steel bar which is plastic coated and then covered with netting. Target species enter via small netted tunnels on either side of the creel.

Scottish Creel Fishermen's Federation: A Creel

Scottish Creel Fishermen's Federation

SCFF National Coordinator Alistair Sinclair
Presentation to MPA meeting in Edinburgh
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NEF working paper
The Scottish Nephrops fishery: Applying social,
economic, and environmental criteria
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Provisional Scottish Sea Fisheries statistics published on 12th May 2016
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Joint Warrior
Joint Warrior is taking place on the west coast between 11th and 23rd April. Contact numbers and link to fishing vessel and ferry guide in our News section.

LIFE March Newsletter
The monthly newsletter of the Low Impact Small-Scale Fishers of Europe
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New members, new directors, new links
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Economic analysis of inshore fisheries
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Gear Conflict Report
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The SCFF is a self funded body working towards.

Representing Creel Fishermen
Promoting Sustainable Fishing
Strengthening The Creel Industry


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