Scottish Creel Fishermen's Federation  

Overall Aim
“The SCFF will work on behalf of its members to create a stronger and more sustainable Scottish creel industry”.

Specific Aims
The SCFF is working towards:

Building Better Communications
The SCFF works to:

  1. improve communications within the creel industry;
  2. raise the creel industry’s profile with the outside world;
  3. improve representation with other key industry stakeholders.

Formulating Common Policy Positions

  1. SCFF consults its members to ascertain key policy priorities;
  2. SCFF develops agreed policy positions around key priorities.

Striving for a Stronger Voice with Fishery Policy Makers

  1. SCFF pursues fair and adequate representation for our members in key National and International fishing policy forums;
  2. SCFF works to maximise support for SCFF policy positions through:
    a. the creation of strategic alliances with third parties;
    b. media and PR campaigns ;
    c. ensuring discipline and support within the industry.

Working towards best practice in the industry
SCFF works to:

  1. increase sustainable fishing practice;
  2. increase the adoption of best health and safety practices;
  3. increase profitability;
  4. promote the use of sound science.

Strengthening SCFF
SCFF seeks to strengthen its power by:

  1. maximising its membership;
  2. providing value to its members;
  3. seeking opportunities to provide expertise and services to its members